Student Placements

Clinical Undergraduate Placement at Casterton Memorial Hospital

On behalf of the nursing division we look foward to your time at Casterton Memorial Hospital and hope it will be a productive and great learning experience for you

The hospital is locked down at 8.00pm until 8.30am each day. You will be provided details on access at your orientation.

Commencement paperwork

The following documentation must be returned fully completed either in advance or at the latest on your first day of orientation. Students without completed documentation are unable to commence placement.

    • Signed Agreement & Declaration – Student Placement
    • Signed Position Description
    • Signed Statutory Declaration Form
    • Copy of Current Police Check – All students must hold a current National Police Check. It is the responsibility of the University and students to ensure that prior to the commencement of placements all students hold a current Police Check. If a current Police Check is not held by the student, they will be refused attendance.

Download commencement paperwork from here.


Uniform is your university issue. Please ensure you bring your photo identification badge with you.


It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that they are current with all immunisations as recommended by the Australian Immunisation Handbook 2014 – Hepatitis B, Influenza, Polio, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Pertussis, Varicella. Students must sign the Agreement and Declaration – Student Placement form in the commencement package and return on their first day.


Rosters are published on “Right Place”. Special roster requests can be discussed and directed to Manager of Nursing Services on 03 555 42 555.

Attendance & Absenteeism

All students in Acute and Residential Care undertake a full day orientation on their first day from 0930 -1730 hours. This is usually the Monday, but it may be a Tuesday if a public holiday occurs that week.

All Community Health and Home Nursing students are to present at 0730 hours and undertake their orientation  in the community health area.


Acute and Residential Care

0700 – 1530 hours (“A” or “M”)

1430 – 2300 hours (“B” or “E”)

2245 – 0715 hours (“G” or “N” – 3rd year students only)

Community Health and Home Nursing

0800-1630 hours (“CH” or “DM”)

0930 – 1800 hours (“DE”)

Students are to notify the hospital immediately on 03 5554 2555 if they are unable to attend their placement for any reason, or if they will be late arriving to their shift. The student should provide either a medical certificate or statutory declaration explaining their absence on their return.

Getting Here / Transport

Public transport in Casterton is bus through VLine. This service is from and to Melbourne. Please ENSURE YOU CHECK THE TIMETABLE. Bus times are different for weekends, and not all buses will connect with Casterton. Buses can arrive after midnight and your accommodation is several blocks from the bus stop. CMH recommends you travel in the day if possible as there is no taxi service in the town. On your day of finishing please discuss with the Nurse in Charge and they will ensure you finish duty in time to catch the bus.

Accommodation & Meals

DEAKIN HOUSE – Student Accommodation:

Student Accommodation is available at the Deakin House at a cost of $120 per student per week. For bookings and further information please go to or alternatively email

CMH ACCOMMODATION (Overflow when Deakin House is full):

Accommodation is available at a cost of $15 per night, per person and is in a self-contained house with three (3) bedrooms and can house up to 4 students at a time. If you wish to use accommodation, you must contact reception at or phone 03 55542555 as soon as possible to ensure it is booked. As this service is in demand bookings are done on a first come, first served basis.

All bedding is provided but if you prefer your own pillow or extra doona for warmth please bring it with you. We only charge for the nights you actually sleep over.

Laundry facilities are provided in house.

Alternative accommodation in Casterton:

Glenelg Inn Hotel/Motel, 2 Henty St, CASTERTON 03 55811988

B & B – Clarke St Accommodation, 6 Clarke St, CASTERTON 03 55812228

The Bank House (Apartment) – 78 Henty St CASTERTON 0355811683

Albion Hotel/Motel, 25 Henty St CASTERTON 03 55811092


Meals are available for all students by ordering on the staff menu. Menus vary everyday and orders must be completed prior to 1030 hours for lunch and 1500 hours for tea. The staff menu is displayed in the dining room along with the price for each meal.

Payment for meals and accommodation in the Hospital House must be made prior to you finishing your placement.

 Code of Conduct

The following are expectations of the student as a training healthcare professional.

  • be punctual and reliable
  • behave in a responsible, reliable and dependable manner
  • project a professional image in your manner, dress, speech and interpersonal relationships
  • treat other health professionals with respect and courtesy
  • place concern for clients above personal requirements for study and social activities
  • wear identification badges at all times
  • be aware supervisor and other staff need to meet their daily work requirements in addition to providing learning opportunities for students
  • be aware of, and follow, the guidelines of the Privacy Act especially when dealing with patients in order to protect their privacy.

Student Exit Survey

We also ask you to complete the Exit Survey when you have completed your placement which can be accessed by following the link below.



Things to do and see in Casterton

Please visit the Casterton Visitor Information Centre for interesting things to see and do during your stay at Casteton.

Casterton Visitor Information Centre