Residential Aged Care

Glenelg House Residential Nursing Care is a 30 bed High Care, fully accredited and certified facility, providing high level care to residents.

Accommodation charges – As Casterton Memorial Hospital Nursing Home ‘Glenelg House Residential Nursing Care’ is a certified facility, accommodation charges will be payable for prospective residents if they are eligible to do so.

Glenelg House contains:

  • 24 fully furnished single rooms with ensuite.
  • 2 fully furnished double rooms with ensuite providing for shared care or for couples.
  • All rooms fitted with:
    • Hi / low electric beds
    • Remote control TV
    • Telephone
    • Electric Arm Chair / Occasional Furniture
    • Wall to wall carpeting, matching drapes and decor
  • Set in modern surroundings
  • Fully air conditioned heating / cooling
  • Odour control, noiseless exhaust system.
  • Modern call bell system.
  • Electric security system.
  • Set in a secured landscaped garden.
  • Chapel.
  • Activities Room with access to computer, internet and video conferencing.
  • Quiet Lounges.
  • 3 separate fully equipped kitchens, dining and lounge areas.

Other Services:

  • 24 hour care by Registered Nurses (Division 1 and 2)
  • Nursing Care Attendants
  • Physiotherapy 5 days per week
  • Diversional Therapist 5 days per week
  • Therapy Assistant.
  • Visiting Medical Practitioners (on call 24 hrs)
  • Visiting volunteer services
  • Church groups
  • Resident?s Committee
  • Access to Day Centre
  • Access to Community Bus
  • Access to external activities / outings

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